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⚑ What can I do with Trice APIs?

Pay and be paid instantly, even on weekends, holidays, and late nights.

Send money instantly

Instantly send money to eligible individuals and businesses via RTP from The Clearing House.

Send a request for payment (RfP)

Send a request for payment to eligible individuals and businesses via RTP from The Clearing House. Individuals and businesses receive the request for payment from their bank via SMS, email, or mobile push notification within their banking app. They can review the request for payment within their bank app or website, approve and pay it, or reject it. When approved, the payment is instant even on nights, weekends, or holidays.

Receive money instantly

Individuals and businesses with RTP-enabled accounts can send you money in real time.

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Request sandbox access today! Trice team will create your account and API credentials and email those back to you.

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Key Concepts

AccountHow your company is represented in the Trice system. We create your account for you when you sign up for Trice. In production we verify your business details first.
CredentialsA username and secret password used for creating an access token.
Access tokenA secret value passed to our APIs that identifies who you are and what you can do. These expire after some time so please get a new one as needed.
EnrollmentHow your Trice account is enrolled to a payment network like RTP from The Clearing House. Your enrollment includes the underlying account and routing number. As Trice launches with more banks and rails you can have several enrollments.
BalanceA balance represents your money within the FBO account or other settlement accounts for a given enrollment.
PartyAn entity (individual or business) who can be a counterparty to a transaction. That's a fancy way of saying someone you can send money to or request money from.

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