Client Tokens (M2M)

An Account can have 1 or many Clients. Clients are machines that are allowed to access the Trice API (think of them like API keys). Each client has a list of scopes, which will be contained in the access tokens generated by the authorization server.

Token Request and Response (Bearer Authentication)

Authorization: Authentication is Bearer Auth. The authentication value is calculated as base64(:). In this example, client_id=a580597a-db69-4499-bb0c-baf88cdab79b and client_secret=ujo8Ahm)eeyaophil8poh#x+a

grant_type: which OAuth 2.0 flow to use. Must be client_credentials for M2M use case

scope: the client requests which scopes it would like. They are space delimited and url encoded.

current available scopes are: rtp.sender and rtp.rfp_sender.

  • rtp.sender scope allows creation of rtp_transfers
  • rtp.rfp_sender scope allows creation of rtp_rfp_presentmetns and rtp_rfps

You MUST add the the scopes you intend to use when creating a token.