When attempting to send an RTP transfer, these error codes may be reported:

AC02 - Debtor account number invalid or missing.
AC03 - Creditor account number invalid or missing.
AC04 - Bank account closed.
AC06 - Bank account blocked.
AC11 - Creditor account currency invalid or missing.
AC13 - Debtor account type invalid.
AC14 - Creditor account type invalid
AGNT - Incorrect Agent
AG01 - Transaction forbidden.
AG03 - Transaction not supported.
AM02 - Transaction exceeded max allowed.
AM04 - Insufficient funds.
AM09 - Amount not expected.
AM11 - The currency code is not supported by RTP.
AM12 - Amount invalid or missing.
AM13 - TCH transaction limit exceeded.
AM14 - Transaction exceeds bank-client limit.
BE04 - Creditor address invalid.
BE06 - Unknown customer.
BE07 - Debtor address invalid or missing.
BE10 - Debtor country invalid or missing.
BE11 - Creditor country invalid or missing.
BE14 - Country code missing.
BE16 - Debtor id invalid or missing.
BE17 - Creditor id invalid or missing.
DS24 - TCH timeout.
DT04 - Future date.
DUPL - Duplicate.
DS0H - Signer not allowed for this account.
FF02 - System error.
FF08 - End to end ID missing or invalid.
FRTR - Final Response - Repeat attempt to prior non-response.
MD07 - Deceased customer.
NARR - Detail provided.
RC01 - Incorrect FI ID format.
RC02 - FI ID invalid or missing.
RC03 - Debtor FI ID invalid or missing.
RC04 - Creditor FI ID invalid or missing.
SL03 - Token service not responding.
TM01 - Invalid cut off time or instruction.
TK01 - Invalid token.
TK02 - Sender token not found.
TK03 - Receiver token not found.
TK04 - Token expired.
TK05 - Token mismatch.
TK06 - Token value limit violation.
TK07 - Token already used.
TK08 - Token suspended.
UPAY - Undue Payment - Payment has been made through another payment channel.

1100 - Reason not recovered by iso.
9901 - IPS switch system malfunction.
9910 - Instructed agent signed off.
9912 - Receiving participant not available.
9914 - Missing element for zelle.
9934 - Instructing agent signed off.
9946 - Instructing agent suspended.
9947 - Instructed agent suspended.
9948 - Service suspended.
9952 - Incompatible message versions.
9953 -Missing code 'FULL' (full invoice amount).
9954 - Instruction from creditor missing.
9956 - Instructing agent funding account suspended.
9957 - Instructed agent funding account suspended.
9964 - Invalid participant identification.

NOAT - Message type not supported or accepted.